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Some useful tips to keep your password more secure!

Use a minimum length of 10-12 alpha-numeric characters - but longer passwords are even better!

Use a mix of upper and lower case letters.

Do not just use standard dictionary words.

Make sure it is not easily guessed - do not use:

- one of your names
- names of other people in your family
- pets
- dates of birth
- your favorite pop star / sports person etc.
- make / model or license plate of your car

Not obvious - do not use:

- password
- letmein
- the same password as your username!

Do not use the same password in multiple places!

If you find completely random passwords too hard to remember - try a Memorable Password.

Hope you find this useful - tell your friends and colleagues as better security helps fight fraud and protects your privacy! Any questions or comments contact us!

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free SMTP relaying service

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